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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Default Properties
Average Scores code example
Open A File using the Open Common Dialog Control
Types of Visual Basic Files
Hitmill's VB 6.0 Page
Visual Basic Basics (Microsoft)

VBasic Beginner's List
This is a ListServer that serves up e-mail bulletins for VB Beginners; easy to subscribe and un-subscribe; Select the format you want to receive at this website. E-mail confirmation that you ordered yourself before issues begin arriving each day in your e-mail.

Mastering Visual Basic
A complete course of study at FreeEd.Net

VB EXplorer
A place for the Visual Basic Newbie

Tutorials at VBHelper

Gary Beene's Visual Basic Information Center

Visual Basic ToolBox Reference
This is a fine illustration of 5 tool columns of the ToolBox with each button named.

Xploiter.Com VB5 Tutorial (beginners)

Visual Basic Tutorial

Visual Basic Overview: Properties, Events, Methods

Chuck Easttom's Visual Basic World This site has a few beginner topics listed...

Marcus Blake's Basic and Visual Basic Tutorials for Beginners

What's The Scope? (Chuck Bonner)

Beyond Flat Land
The basics of 3D graphics in a tutorial by Rod Stephens.

Beginners Code Samples

Hello World Project (VB 6.0)
The Command control button
Validating User Input (PDF File)
Temperature conversion program
More Code Samples...
Tutorial 1:
Clear form background
Boolean variable
List Box
Clear List Box
Message Box

Tutorial 2:
Boolean variable,
Option Explicit,
Default Property
Cancel Property
WeekDay(Now) function.

Tutorial 3:
Average Test Scores program

Tutorial 4: Lookup Phone Numbers
Color and Font dialog boxes with the Microsoft Common Dialog Control,
ItemData, ListIndex, combo box, date and time stamp, MsgBox function which
shows user an exit question, with Yes and No buttons.
In addition to these listed Primers and Tutorials, be sure to read the links in the Advanced Visual Basic section, in the Version-Specific Links, and the Primers and Tutorials.

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