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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Visual Basic Primers and Tutorials

Visual Basic Primers and Tutorials for the beginning and intermediate Visual Basic programmer...

Tutorial 1: The Visual Basic IDE (for very new beginner)

VB 6 Coding Tips

Visual Basic Tutorial at VBTutor.Net

Visual Basic, Part 1 (
This is a MUST SEE tutorial for all levels of VB programmers -- from customizing the IDE, making .exe files, the Windows API, sorting, sequential files, and more.

Visual Basic Documentation Map (Microsoft)

Visual Basic Source Code (

Mastering Microsoft Visual Basic 6 Fundamentals

Introduction to Visual Basic 6 -- Getting Started

Beginning Visual Basic (booklist)

Visual Basic 6 UML, used especially for multi-tier application development.

Visual Basic 6 Win32 API Tutorial

Visual Basic 6 Runtime Library (information and download)

Visual Basic 6 Controls

VBRun60sp6.exe installs Visual Basic 6.0 SP6 run-time files

A Directory of Visual Basic 6 Tutorials (programming

Accessing DLLs and the Windows API (MSDN at Microsoft)

An Introduction to OLE Automation With Visual Basic 6 (

Beginning Visual Basic 6 Database Programming (WROX book)

Integrating bar codes into VB6: Bar Code FAQ and Tutorial

Gary Beene's VB 6.0 Information Center

Visual Basic EXplorer
A place for the Visual Basic Newbie VB Links

VB Tutorial for Beginners (

VB Links

Introduction to Visual Basic Programming

Get VB6 Help Introduction to Visual Basic
A complete course of study at FreeEd.Net

Very old Xploiter.Com VB3 Tutorial
for beginners Books and tutorial

Microsoft's Visual Basic Development Center

Chuck Eastom's VB Site Tutorials and articles about VB.NET, VB6, and "Other" VB Items.

Marcus Blake's Basic and Visual Basic Tutorials: Using the VB Interface, Basic BASIC, Using the Windows API, and Some Example Code.

What's The Scope? (Chuck Bonner) This out-of-date article invites you to read, to see how far Visual Basic Web Magazine has come. See also

Beyond Flat Land
The basics of 3D graphics in a tutorial by Rod Stephens.

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